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World Cup’s “First Casualty” the Next Corey?

June 22, 2010

I met an Australian FANatic, Jerry Goding, in Johannesburg who is now a “legend” of the dubious Corey* kind.  Said legend helped to burn my Italia shirt.  He’s been in the Johannesburg Times several times. 

The first headline is “Cold shower for World Cup’s very first casualty”.  He got smashed drunk, passed out in the street, and awoke in the driveway of a local politician’s house wearing only a football t-shirt, shorts and flip flops.  It’s winter now in Joburg and cold, like 3 degrees Celsius.  His wallet and phone were missing, but under the circumstances he was not surprised to get robbed.  The politician gave him breakfast and a shower and drove him back to his hostel.  For this Jerry gets scolded, made fun of in the paper, his name in print, and is very proud of himself.  A day or 2 later he buys a new wallet, and that night the new wallet gets stolen.  Then the next day he’s out at the bar and loses his camera.  3 times in a week, robbed, and still he gets smashed every night.  In the meantime he’s getting a huge following on Facebook, and South African’s are offering him free places to stay. 

A few days after that article there’s another one “Splattered Aussie tourist hailed as a legend on Facebook” quoting several of those “you’re a legend” type posts.  This only serves to stoke his ego and drinking.

Joburg has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous and violent cities out there.  When arriving here you half expect to be dumped into the pit of hell where you’re guaranteed to get mugged.  However, seeing as I was surrounded by incoherent Aussies I felt quite safe.  They’re perfectly happy to get robbed as long as it gets them in the paper.

Note 1*: Please do yourself a favor and watch the Corey Delaney posts on youtube.  I can’t post a link here because access to youtube appears to be blocked in Syria.

Note 2: I know not all Aussie fans are like this, and a lot of them are laughing with me about their drunken brethren.  Some complain that Australians get famous for all the wrong reasons.

Here are a few pictures from the Germany vs. Australia game:

Australian FANatics walking to a game in Durban


Jade and I in the Durban stadium


The Fans: Germany vs. Australia

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  1. Ian permalink
    June 26, 2010 8:07 pm

    The funny thing about Corey is his response to the reporter who was asking him to take his glasses off and apologize, and then the wrapping up of the interview:

    R: “what would yo say to other kids thinking of partying…”
    Corey “get me to do it for you”
    R: “get me to do it for you?? not don’t do it?”
    Corey: “yes, best party ever so far, that’s what everybody’s been saying”
    R: “take a hard long look at yourself”
    Corey: “I have, everyone has, they love it”

    Here’s the link:

  2. June 30, 2010 8:51 am

    YES!!!!!!!! It’s so funny – a lot of Aussies I met, when I tell them about this guy Jerry, they’re like OH NO, another Corey, Aussies get famous for this stuff.

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