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Definitely Not Sex in the City

July 2, 2010

 “I’m going to ask Nasreen a question, please help me” Tasir tells us over his shoulder from the driver’s seat of the 4×4.  Nasreen is by his side up front, and Jade, Kirsty and are in back.  We’re driving in tracks in the sand through the valleys of Wadi Rum in southern Jordan.  We’d met Tasir 4 or 5 hours ago when we started our 4×4 tour.  He’s our Bedouin tour guide / driver.

He asks her if she’ll marry him.  She says she’ll think about it.  We from the back seat all start clapping and yelling that we’ll help him to convince her.  We then assist by asking suitable questions: how many camels does he have (5); how many horses (0); how many sheep (10); how old is he (25); does he live on his own or with his parents (on his own – he has 2 houses); how many girls as he asked to marry him before (0); and is the truck we’re driving in his (yes)?

Tasir ties Nasreen’s head scarf the Bedouin way

May be the most fun day I’ve had yet in 2 months of traveling, thanks to a heavy dose of flirting by Tasir and the good-natured receipt by Nasreen.  Nasreen asked me if I’d met some interesting people on this trip.  The answer is definitely yes, present company included. 

Nasreen suggests that we take some photos inspired by the Sex in the City II posters.  We do our best to walk glamorously down a sand dune.  We giggle uncontrollably while Kirsty takes these pictures, and another group of tourists laughs on.  Hiking in sand in a floor length skirt is hard. 

inspiration: Sex in the City II poster

tea time: Nasreen, Tasir, another driver and his son

Besides Petra, Wadi Rum is the other place in Jordan I definitely hope to visit again.  The landscape is literally straight out of Lawrence of Arabia, and the Bedouins are so much fun.

Wadi Rum landscape

Wadi Rum landscape

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  1. July 2, 2010 4:56 pm

    Sariah I love these picture and the ethnic dress is lovely.Check out my SITC pictures on Facebook for a lightweight giggle.Love A.L.

  2. Lauren W permalink
    July 3, 2010 2:26 am

    Great post! I love the pics of Tasir tying the headdress (he’s handsome!) and tea time.

    • July 3, 2010 5:37 am

      Thanks – he is handsome, but he has a mullet – you can’t see it because of the headdress. hehehehe

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