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Uighur Style Part 2: The Décor

August 27, 2010

Our hotel in Kashgar, the Seman, is advertized as have strong Uighur character.

The local Uighur tour guide Abdul repeats several times that it’s a famous old hotel of Kashgar, and has 3 stars.  Also, that it used to be the Russian Consulate.  Initially I blame Russian taste for the décor, but I’m now thinking that it’s all Uighur.

Our room looks like a wedding cake exploded in it, covered in icing of pastel colored grapes, scrolls and flowers.  Then a 6 year old girl came in and sprinkled silver and gold glitter over all the icing.  There are Corinthian columns. 


grapes and corinthian column

the ceiling

On our second stay, the room was a bit different – the icing had way less glitter.  I felt oddly disappointed.


The hotel brochure is awesome.  My favorite excerpts:

  • It is a foreign three-star grade hotel approved by National Tourism Bureau and is considered as one of ten international hotels with a reputation of “equipment is ordinary but service is excellent”.
  • The environment is degant, its yard is fu11 of high ancient tress and fragrant flowers.

lighting at hotel entrance


similar decoration on a mosque façade in Kashgar

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  1. August 27, 2010 5:40 pm

    Sariah, It seems appropriate that the name of the hotel is “Semans” with the deepening saga
    about the condomn dispencer. It could truly be a full time job editing promotional materials
    that you have shown!!!!! The decor??? Well it baffles me but a little Art Nouveau mixed with
    Fertility Goddess. Tooooo funny!!! Love to you and Jade . AL xo

  2. August 29, 2010 10:20 am

    Ah yes, the seman / seaman connection. There were 2 other tourists at the hotel that kept calling it the Seaman. A 19 year old American girl, and a 30 year old Australian dairy farmer. This is the company you’re in for mentioning it. Claire and Ben if you happen to read this, it’s pronounced SE, not SEE!!!!

    Yes it was very funny, a kind of unexpected highlight of China.

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